Sunday, December 9, 2012

Who do you think you are?

Love the new job! Weekends off. Night off. Yes, I believe I can get used to this.

So one of the people I work with actually worked for the chain I manged for. They also worked for several of the managers I worked with. Their biggest complaint, and one of the thing I never understood, is how the managers always look down on the staff. Like some how being the manager made them better than everyone else. 

That was a complaint I heard a lot from the staff. The hated the way the manager treated them and made them feel so lowly. 

I suppose there are a lot of reason why managers do this. I just never could put myself above them. The main reason was I never held my job as a restaurant manager in very high esteem. I always looked at it liked the job I took because I failed in trying to get a "real job."

Now don't get me wrong, doing any type of work is admirable. If you are able to work and choose to do so as opposed to leaching off the government and tax payers than I give you mad props. I don't look down on anyone for any job they are doing. They are working and have my full respect.

However, in my own personal situation I felt like I was failing professionally. I felt like I was wasting the talents I had. Therefore, who was I to treat the staff like I was better than them? Like some how I was superior because I was in management. 

I've never really be the type of manager to who looked down on his staff. I've always tried to treat them with respect, build into them professionally and show a genuine concern for them. It's worked well for me thus far. I still keep in touch with many of the people that have worked for me through various management jobs and they all say "You are one of the best managers I've ever worked for." That makes me happy. It let's me know I'm doing it right.

Luckily my new boss seems to hold to the same management style as me so work is actually enjoyable these days.


  1. I am a firm believer that BOSS spelled is an acronym for Double SOB. But a manager is someone you enjoy working for and with. Management is the soul of an operation and is the main cause of moral. Glad you had the respect and your new boss (sorry) is your type of manager.

  2. What do you do now for a living?

  3. Congratulations! So happy for you.

  4. This seems to be a complaint I hear from time to time myself. I believe this is because as managers we tend to focus on what employees are doing wrong and not giving enough praise when they are doing a good job. Another thing employees don't realize is a lot of us in management rolls didn't magically become managers. We worked in hourly positions and put in the hours and maybe some college to get our positions. So I find talking to employees and finding out where they come from and letting them know where you yourself are coming from helps to. It also helps to jump in and get your hands dirty once in a while. Sometimes it can become almost management against employees and this creates a bad environment. The most important people in a food service operation are the employees. The management can't run a operation without employees there would be nothing to manage.

  5. good to see you have moved on!

    it sucks to be in a job where the management has a god complex. i am happy to be out of the food biz. but i still miss it too. (a weird dichotomy, i will admit.)

    most people need to be lead, but they are like dogs as well, you beat them enough the become mean...

    i wonder when the world will finally get that leadership does not have to be by force, coercion and bullying...

  6. I am a restaurant manager myself and I think that sometimes they confuse with you trying to hold your authority with you thinking that you are better than them. I have restaurant owners above me that are very involved with their business, so I am kind of in the middle between the employees and the owners of the restaurant. The times that I am holding my authority because I am solely responsible for what happens int he restaurant, they think that I am acting better than them. But, there are times that I talk to them as a person, get to know them, how they are doing, what is happening among them, and other things such as that. I just think that there are times that you need to be above and authoratative and times that you can be down-to-earth and one of your employees working for the same cause.