Sunday, November 25, 2012

This is it

Today marks the end. My last shift as a restaurant manager. (Hopefully for ever but I've learned that's not always the case.) 

It's fitting that my last shift is a closing shift and my new job starts tomorrow at 8:00 AM. I suppose I could have made last night my final shift but then one of the other managers would have lost a day off right after Thanksgiving. Karma should be on my side moving forward since I decided to work today! =)

I'm thankful to be done with this job. It served it's purpose in my life but I know without a doubt it's time to move on. I'll miss most of the people I work with. I had a great staff and enjoyed the time I spent with them. 

Tomorrow starts another chapter in my life and I'm looking forward to it!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

It's almost Christmas which is a pretty wonderful time of the year! I've had my Christmas Tree and Decorations up for a week already! I got hit with the Christmas bug early this year.

But today's post is not about Christmas. It's about the soon to be title change of this blog.

In about two weeks there will be a new title:

"The EX-Restaurant Managers Rant"

That's right... I am soon to be an Ex-Restaurant Manager.

Thank you Jesus.

Thankfully there are still plenty of things to rant about in this world and I plan to rant about them all ;)

Monday, November 12, 2012

I am asking a favor of my AWESOME readers...

I was hoping I could get you to help me out with something. 

I need your vote. (vote Here)

A charity that I support is in contest to win $120,000 in Gas Cards. 

Here is a little about the charity:



KRF offers financial assistance to families who have a child suffering from cancer. We work with hospitals & take applications from families who are looking for assistance and we pay bills for them such as electric, mortgage etc. This is one less burden for the family so they can be with their child.


Through KRF, local Girl Scout troops and schools have come together to help raise funds for these families and bring awareness about childhood cancer. Children have done bake sales, book drives, lemonade stands and volunteered their time at our fundraisers to help raise money to assist the families.


Citgo gift cards would be AMAZING! Many times we have families traveling from here in Connecticut to Dana Farber in Boston so that their child can have a transplant. Many local families even have to make the commute to the hospital daily so that they can visit their child. Citgo cards would be great

Anyhow, if you have a minute please click here and vote.

Thank you so much for your support!

P.S. In case you missed it you can CLICK HERE to vote! =)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Limited Thank You...

First off, let me say a BIG THANK YOU to all the veterans out there! The citizens of The United States  are in debt to you for your service to our country.

Now on to my rant:

While trolling facebook I've noticed that a lot of restaurants are offering a free meal to Vet's as a way to say thank you on Veterans Day. However, most of these meals are from a limited menu. 

I applaud the gesture of these restaurants to offer free meals to vets, yet I'm left with the questions of "why?" Why a limited menu? Are our Vet's not worthy of anything off the menu? Does a free ribeye or sirloin not fit within their goodwill budget?

Honestly, I don't know where I fall on the issue. Part of me thinks they should be allowed to choose any item off  the menu. On the other hand I understand that restaurants are under no obligation to give Vet's anything at all. So maybe a limited menu should be enough.

Fire fighters and Police officers risk their lives everyday for the community. Should they not be allowed to eat free when on duty? (For the record I ALWAYS comp the meals of police officers and fire fighters. It's the least I can do.)

What do you think? Anything off the menu or is the limited menu something you are ok with?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Black Friday, Black Eye

It really pisses me off that Walmart is going to open at 8:00 PM on Thanksgiving Day. Is that really necessary? Can't we give people 1 day with their families? Is that to much to ask? 

I understand there are some jobs that just don't get a day off. But a Walmart Cashier isn't really one of those jobs. 

What a bunch a greedy bastards at the Walmart Corporate office. I promise you most of those folks will be at home with their families while they let the $7.25 cashier slave over the register on Thanksgiving Day!

What's worse is now Target is planning to open early as well to compete with Walmart. So not only are Walmart workers having to come in on Thanksgiving so are Target workers! 

That is sooooooooo wrong!

I am an ardent supporter of Capitalism but enough is enough! The Greed from these multinational corporations is out of control.  

I urge everyone to NOT shop on Thanksgiving Day! The only way to to tell these companies we don't agree is with our money! We must make it not worthwhile for them to open. 

I remember a time when every business was closed on Thanksgiving Day. I wonder if we can ever get back to that?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

America. Jesus. Freedom.

So the election is over and Obama won.

Am I happy he won? No. I was hoping that Mitt Romney would win. But the truth is I never really wanted Romney to be the GOP nominee in the first place. If you look very close he and President Obama are not as far apart on the issues as they wanted us to believe.

But it doesn't matter now because Obama won and Romney lost.

My rant today is directed at the chicken littles of the world who say America is doomed because Obama won.

To all those who feel this way I offer this:

America was great before President Obama and will be after Obama.

America is not defined by it's President. America is defined by it's people. That's us.

WE makes this country great.

We wake up every day with freedoms that others only dream of. We wake up every day with endless opportunities to make life better for ourselves, our families and those around us.

So fuck you for being so pessimistic about America and the American people!

Be disappointed your guy lost . But shut the hell up about how America is doomed. If it is doomed it's doomed because of idiots like you.

That is all.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Why do we settle for incompetence?

It's one of the most frustrating things I have to deal with as a restaurant manager. We have 4 managers. 3 of which can do the job no problem 99.9% of the time. And then there's # 4... The poster boy for incompetence when it comes to running a shift. 

I've lost count of how many times, over the last two years, myself or one of the other managers had to rush back to the restaurant to bail him out. Keep in mind we didn't come back because he called us. We came back because the STAFF called us, in the middle of a shift, begging for help as the ship was sinking fast.

Yet he still works there. 

What's even worse is the GM continues to defend him. When # 4 actually does something right it's: "Hey, # 4's doing good this week!" 

Look, I don't like to see people lose their jobs, especially in today's economic environment. But # 4 just can't do it. # 4 is not cut our for the position. # 4 is a huge liability! 

So at what point do you cut your losses? 

If I'm the GM it's 12 months ago.... But our GM and his boss don't see it that way. What I've been told is they have bigger problems than #4 in other restaurants they need to deal with first.

Scary thought....

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Drinkin' and Swearin' like a sailor...

This month makes 4 years since I became a restaurant manager and two things are for certain:

1. A swear a hell of a lot more than I did before I took this job
2. A drink a hell of lot more than I did before I took this job.

I'm not at all surprised by this. I almost expected it. Perhaps it's become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Anyone else have this experience?