Friday, October 26, 2012

Are you still open?

I hate this question. Especially five minutes before we close. My typical response is "We close in 5 minutes."

Most normal, caring, compassionate human begins realize we've all been working all night and are ready to go home and leave. But then there are those who think "Oh, then we still have time to order." 

I hate those people.

The last two nights "Those People" found my restaurant. 

What really kills me is how they have the audacity to get angry when you tell them we have no soup left. It's at times like this I lose a little more faith in humanity. What is wrong with people?

We served them. Begrudgingly but served.

Surprise Surprise they left a shitty tip for the waitress even though she was super nice to them. 

Uh. People.


  1. I once threw a bag of itching powder into the dryer of a man that came in to use the laundromat five minutes before last wash EVERY week! Don't judge me. Something had to be done!

    1. that's hilarious! sometimes you just have to Do Something about it!

    2. I don't Judge you! Do what you got to do! ;)

  2. UGH.

    Sometimes people really suck. :(

  3. You are a nice dude. While they were eating I would have slashed their tires and refused to let them in to use the phone after the left.

  4. Those bastards have never worked in a restaurant - I can guarantee it.

  5. I wish restaurants would post their hours like this: "Open 11 am to 11 PM. Last seating at 10:30." That way no one could walk in at 10:55 and expect to be served and the kitchen wouldn't be allowed to start cleaning up until 10:35 [or whatever]. The problem is people think that restaurants work like grocery stores and gas stations - 5 minutes to grab a one or two things [although annoying] is manageable and still allows the workers to get off at a reasonable time near what they are scheduled for, but not so in a restaurant. It extends everyone's night past closing and the customer is served crap food and tips poorly. Lose-lose all the way around.
    The thing is as long as restaurants continue to allow people in to order at 5 minutes to close this is going to continue to happen. People aren't going to get any smarter and the smart ones aren't going to stop playing stupid "Oh we have time then" and quit getting their way.

    You know I served for years, so I empathize, but we all know it will never change. sigh.

  6. I have a story!!!! I had just started closing the store last year and one day the phone rang JUST as we locked the door. I pick up and greet in our standard greeting.
    Me: <store name) This is Jenn! How can I help you!?
    Man: Are you still open?
    Me: No sir, I'm really sorry, we -just- closed
    Man: You're closed?
    Me: Yes sir, I'm sorry. We close at 5
    Man- You aren't open?
    Me: No sir, I'm sorry
    Man:.......Is this a recording?
    Me:..No sir, it's not
    Man: Damn it. *hangs up*
    Pretty sure it wasn't a prank! It was a confused older gentleman. lol.

  7. I admit it. i am one of those last minute foodies...sometimes...but i draw the line at 15 minutes and i never tip less than 20% and most times more when i end up somewhere late at night.

    i used to love the last minute tables when i was serving. i was good at garnering the sympathy tip.